"Having grown up in Chester County, PA, I’ve had the privilege to be surrounded by picturesque landscapes and nature, which inspired my love of creative storytelling through the lens. I’m somewhat new to the game simply because I’m college-bound, but my original work has taken me to places far and wide as well as close to home over the past few years. I love meeting new people, stepping foot on new land, discovering the beauty of all of Earth’s inhabitants and creations. Nothing comes close to my love of nature, animals, and my dog, Chubbers. I am motivated to protect the environment and connect with people through creative works, images, and designs as I further my studies during my college years in the field of architecture to harmoniously blend conservation and design on our planet without jeopardizing our resources. 

I look forward to working with you, telling your story, and creating images that will pave the way for generations to come."  

~Mason Bentley

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